One Amazing Look-A-Like

plaits and eyes

Go check out this link and tell me would you be freaked out or what!!!

twinkle eyes

I was just reading this post from Soule Mamma's blog and as I got to the bottom, I saw the photo of Soule Papa's Mum when she was a little girl, my heart started to race and I got goose bumps all over.  Here I was looking at my daughter.  I couldn't believe how amazing the resemblance was.

look a like

I even asked her who did she think the photo was of.  She was convinced it was her as well and I had to explain it was a photo of a lady 65 years older than her.  So we had fun playing around taking a similar photo, plaits and all.


Cass said…
Wow that's incredible but as the saying goes everyone has a twin somewhere
Beck said…
That's amazing! You should send your daughter's to her! I had forgotten about SM, has she had another baby? xo
Polka Dot Daze said…
Wow - yes they do look the same!
Sheridan said…
Megan said…
wow, amazing resemblance, how neat to recreate the photo!

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