My little boy turns One

This is all the table layed out before the guests arrive.  I had so much fun creating this party, so nice to do boy things after 3 girls.

My first intention of this cake was nothing like the end result.  This is the first time I have used fondant icing and I was planning to cover the whole cake with it.  I rolled it out,  I couldn't get it big enough and then it stuck to the bench.  I took one look at my cookie cutters and grab the star and this is what I ended up with.  I was very happy with the result and so easy to do!

I made these sugar cookie planes using this recipe.  I got this link off  The mucky macbook blog.  Now you should check this blog out, she does some amazing parties. I iced the plane cookies with the left over fondant icing.  I got the star plate from the $2 shop a couple of years ago and I see they still stock them.

Now these were a fun idea.  Easy as pie just needs time.  I did these a couple of days before.  I lined up all the cups and used my 1/4 cup measuring cup so I used equal amounts each time.  Leaving each colour to set, say a couple of hours each.  Make a fresh batch of jelly in a jug with boiling water, put in the fridge to cool for aprox. 20 minutes and then pour on top other jelly to get the rainbow effect.  The last layer I put in a jet plane lolly and poured the jelly in.  But warning the Jet plane comes out all slimey form being soaked in the jelly.

 The only things with these is you can't tell they have the rainbow effect from the top is if you lift it up to the light.  Next time I make these, I will probably start from dark and work my way up to the lightest colour at the top.

These cupcakes looked a lot better than they tasted.  They were filled with so much food colouring that they tasted awful.  Also the cream cheese icing I used was grose.  Does anyone out there recommend a good recipe.  One of our poor guest ate so much that she threw up.  It didn't help that there was food colouring overload.  Its made me re-think about using so much.

Here is my son hoeing into that blue cupcake.  I must say he thoroughly enjoyed it!

We even had the pet lamb 'Snow Mo' try and join us for the party!

Even the guests thought he was the hit of the party.  Maybe next time Snow Mo I will let you over the fence and really join in.  Yeah right!


Jetske said…
Love your website! Especially your birthday party ideas. My little girl will be 3 next month and you gave me great ideas.
(Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Try this for cream cheese frosting:
300 g icing sugar sifted
50 g unsalted butter, room temp
125 g cream cheese, cold

beat sugar and butter until well mixed.
add cheese, beat till light and fluffy (approx. 5 minutes)
Do not overbeat as it may become runny.

It is from my favorite cupcake book, the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook.
sweet emmelie said…
Thanks for that, I think my problem was I used low fat cream cheese so all you could taste was the butter. You need the real deal don't ya really! So I will try this next time and I must get that cook book!

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