My Creative Space: A Posh Little Picnic Setting

Just playing around with some new fabrics I bought and and items I have collected.

The tray I bought today from 'The Warehouse' on special for $7, the glass plate for $4 and the oval rose plate for $5.  What bargains!!!!

Look at these gorgeous spoons I bought off trade me a few months ago.

They came in it's original box, with 6 spoons each with a different flower.  They are tiny and I absolutely adore them!

More creative spaces here.


Sarah said…
Hi Mary Jane thank u for your comment, I have popped over and seen what wonderment you have. I feel like I should be dressed up in a lovely floral dress to be worthy to comment on such a beautiful lil creative space you have here. I think that rose spoon is so gorgeous!
Bec said…
oooh lovely, have you set a date and invited the ladies? It just an adorable high tea waiting to happen :)
Zara said…
What a sweet little picnic setting.
Hello I have just found your lovely blog! I have enjoyed browsing your lovely images, what a lovely tea setting.
Stacia said…
Your blog just gets prettier every time I visit it. LOVE the birthday pictures too and the photo books, so lucky to have those beautiful pictures to remember.
oldflowers4me said…
i like your blog world..and hello.

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