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I have made a little bit of progress on this quilt top but I am not too sure about it.  I think the pink polka dot fabric might be a bit much.  I have layed it out on my bed but I think I might have to wait for my 5 year old to come home from school to put her design eye on it.  I trust her immensely and if I ever have any doubt, or can't make up my mind about fabric choices, I ask her.  She always seems to steer me in the right direction.

These Tulips came from my Father in law's garden and survived a 3 hour trip in his car.

This is an hour after being in water.  It was amazing how they magically seemed to stand up by themselves after a few more hours they were as straight as a lamp post!

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Fiona said…
What did your 5 year old think in the end? I think maybe the work in the other blocks get slightly lost from the photo that you've posted, but it's hard to tell from a photo of just one part of the quilt.

Looks like you've out a lot of work into it! I have yet to get the courage up to do anything like this!

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