So its the last day of the year

And Christmas has come and gone.  I have made a few things but have neglected to tell this little blog of mine.

We have had a Witches party for my 6 year old.

Got some outfits together for a photo shoot.

Made a Christmas runner for my Aunty who....

gave me the fabric this year for Christmas.  She was so surprised when she opened her parcel and couldn't believe I made it in record time!

Made a present sack to take away with us when we went away for Christmas.

Here it is filled to the brim with pressies galore ready for the big trip!

So I will fill you in with the details at a later date.  Hope you enjoy tonight's festivities and see you in the new Year!!!!!


Angela Noelle said…
The photo of the dancing witches is priceless, and such a refreshing deviation from fairies and princesses!

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