Our Creative Space: A New Red Dress

I found this dress half made in my sewing cupboard the other day that I had completely forgotten about.  I tried it on my little girl and it fitted!  She love it so much that she slept in it that night and demanded to wear it to kindy the next day.  I couldn't refused because she wouldn't let me take it off.  It was not hemmed and had now button closures but she was happy.

After I washed it.  I hand sewed a red velvet ribbon to tie it up at the back which gave it a pretty touch.

I then hand sewed a red and white striped Rosette that came off an old headband.  I didn't bother hemming it because its such a thick wool.  If you look closer you can see the cut out square neckline that I originally put in to add a bit of interest to such a plain dress.  Very easy indeed!

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CHD said…
What a lovely dress. I have visions of making something similar for my 2 year old girl. I'm feeling inspired. Especially about the easy part. Cx
Megsie said…
beautiful and oasty and snug. Ilove the neckline and ribbon closure. lovely touches
becclebee said…
what a great dress - no wonder she wouldn't take it off! It must feel so good to find something almost done and then finish it off with a minimum of fuss!
Leonie said…
beautiful! I love the ribbon tie it just makes it!
Michelle Fallon said…
gorgeous - I want a red dress too :O)

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