My Creative Space: Fabric and Do Up.

These are the beautiful fabrics I bought from Lindy at her beautiful new shop 'Stitchbird'.  It was so lovely to finally meet you.  Sorry we didn't come and see you at the market's the next day but we were a bit worse for wear and plus what horrible stormy weather that day had.

If you are ever in Wellington I recommend dropping buy.  Lindy is ever so lovely and ohh what to choose from.  I could of bought the whole shop!

The 2 on the right are destined for cushions but at the moment they are sitting with my forever growing pile of cushion fabric.  The first one I think I will save for a dress in Summer for my youngest girl, so I have a few months up my sleeve to make that one!

Now what I am really working on, is these old drawers which are stored in the garage.  I have almost finished painting them but now realise I want them to be much darker.  I will have them finished by the weekend and reveal all there glory.  I hope they will look good for what I want to use them for but I will leave that as a surprise!

Here's to all the other creative spaces out there!


Notchka said…
I have draws like that for (some of) my fabric. My aim is to get the stash down to just that set of draws. I wonder what you'll use your's for? Oh and I love the shift dress from last week's creative space - the ribbon closure is a lovely touch indeed!
yardage girl said…
Pretty fabrics ~ I especially like the typewriter print!
Kuka said…
Oooh, the tea cup fabric is gorgeous!
I love getting fabric and yours is great ! Can't wait to see what you do with the drawers .

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