Meg and Mog Birthday Cake

I love the admiration in the faces that a birthday cake always brings.  Ohh the anticipation of it all, you just want to dive in!

Singing Happy Birthday.

Check out the faces!

Photography by Fiona Andersen

The birthday cake was inspired by my favourite book as a child, Meg and Mog.   My girls love it too but the book is now ripped to pieces.  Emma wants to collect the whole series.  The cake is Mog the Cat.  Note the owl in the background being another one of Meg's' side kicks and I added a meringue mouse in the top right corner to hold the number 6 candle.

I bought a rectangle sponge from the supermarket and cut out the cat shape.  I smothered the cake with melted dark chocolate.  I made stripes with shredded coconut, very quickly before the chocolate dried.  3 white chocolate buttons were used for each eye with the pupil sprinkled with silver balls.  Once it set I moved it to the tray which had pretty fabric placed on the bottom.  The hard chocolate making it sturdy, so very easy to move.  The tail was made out of 2 licorice straps with a bow tied round the middle to hide the join.  I actually glue gunned the two licorice straps together.  Finally I used 6 long tapered candles for the whiskers.


Vic Bibby said…
Fantastic! I love your cake cat, and may have to borrow the idea for our next birthday party. And a good old treasure hunt is always a winner. x

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