A Quilt in Process

It's a miracle I have started sewing again.  This is the quilt I am working on at the moment for a special wee friend.  I don't want to give too much away!  I'm trying a little hand quilting.  I've never done it before and hoping I am doing it right.  But I know one thing, my friend won't care either way.

We have just come back from our wee holiday away.  Here are some snaps I took in picturesque Akaroa.  The girls are hunting for treasure.

Wee Oscar not impressed about treasure hunting!

And finally the dead crab Amelia found.  She wasn't very happy with us when we told her that under no circumstances that crab was coming home with us!

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Debra said…
ha ha...that flotsam find is adorable. You made me remember one time my little boy at the age fo 7 flew interstae to visit with his aunty only to return so excited with a dead crab he had unwrapped in the middle of the tarmac, proudly displaying his holiday find!!
Loving the look of yoru quilt.
Those stars are gorgeous and your holiday pics make me want to go there!!

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