Birthday Party Number Two, My Creative Space

It was complete madness here last week.  I had 2 birthday parties in one week!  One on Sunday and the next on Saturday, plus we went away for 3 days in between.  You should of seen my deserted washing pile.  My sister in law commented she had never seen such a big pile in her whole life.  But oh I do love doing birthday parties.

My wee girl wanted a Strawberry Cake.  So I went from there.  The only thing is it is too early for strawberries here.  They are so expensive so I could only get 2 punnets for the birthday cake but made everything else pink.

We had pink butterfly biscuits using the left over flowers my Aunty made from my daughters 5th birthday party

Here is a close up.  I just spooned on pink royal icing and stuck the flowers on the lower right wing. It was as easy as that!

I made pink fondant butterflies with my new butterfly cutter.  Love that thing!  I placed them on white cupcakes.  The paper cases had strawberries on them.

I filled little tea cups with Ambrosia and placed pink butterflies on them.  They looked so pretty.

These are raspberry spiders with jelly crystals on the rim.  What I did was put an egg white on a plate, placed the glass upside down in the egg whites and then dipped them in a plate of red jelly crystals.  Put them in the fridge for a couple of hours to dampen  the jelly crystals to make them darker and whola you have instant charm in a glass.

I topped the cake with royal icing, strawberries, jaffa's and a dash of icing sugar.  I made the Chocolate Sour Cream Cake from my friends new 'Riverstone Kitchen' cook book.  Oh my it was delicious!  I recommend that recipe, it is so easy and so effective.  So yes go and buy the book!  There are so many gorgeous recipe's in there.  You won't regret it!

Here is the birthday girl sipping her delicious raspberry spider.

I thought this was a pretty shot.

Here are a few shots of the birthday girl posing in front of the party table before the guests arrived.

Look at that cheeky monkey in the background trying to ruin a good photo!

Here she is showing off her brand new pink sparkling shoes she got for her birthday.

She also got this new hair clip I had bought from Kate M Handmade.

Can you believe this but I bought this dress for her first birthday party.  She found it one day, loved it and put it on.  It still fits her JUST! but she love wearing it.  I thought it would be cute to wear it for her 3rd birthday as well!

Here is a wee snippet from way back then.

And let's not forget about the crazy party people!

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Katie said…
Wow, you've done a amazing job, so lovely! Love the Ambrosia cups and butterfly biscuits. So much inspiration here x
Katie said…
What a lovely spread! And it looks like the birthday girl had a lovely day!
m.e (Cathie) said…
adorable!!! what an awesome party filled with pink yumminess.
that little Miss 3 i simply adorable. love that she wore her 1 yr old party dress. you definitely need to keep that in the treasure chest.

well done mamma you did an awesome job ♥
Posie Patchwork said…
Oh wow, what a pretty & dainty birthday party you put on. Your girls might like my post today, no parties but 'glamping' in the school holidays was a huge hit. Love Posie
Sam said…
What a great job you've done, it's all so pretty, I bet your daughter loved it!:)Sam
Vic said…
I'm on a sugar high just looking at the photos! Everything is just perfect, my own pink-lover would be beside herself with a party like that, well done.
Maxabella said…
Such fun! Love the dress on repeat - that's exactly the same kind of thing that my Miss 3 would do as well. You do an amazing party spread (I just finished oogling your Little Boy party down in the post below). What a great cook you must be. x
Bec said…
Yum, yum and more yum. Well done!
Karen said…
My gosh you know how to do a party Mary-Jane! Just gorgeous, everything.. and for the one year old party too - you've missed your calling as a party planner.
Just one question - what is ambrosia??
oh what fun! The pictures are gorgeous and so is she!! Happy birthday little one! xoox
Catherine said…
Loving all that pretty pink:) I bet everyone had a ball eating all that yummy food. Happy birthday to your little girl.
maraki said…
Seriously your kids must adore you!!! My mother made cake (and I still adore her)but this table is like a magazine photo!!!I wish all the best to you pretty girl and your family!

ps:I cut the ribbon just a bit bigger than the size I what and I get it close to an open candle flame just enough for the heat to melt the edges of it, and that's it! Hope that helps


Rie said…
What an awesome day! Loved the cake, the food & even the tablecloth.
One question though.. what is Ambrosia??
Copper Patch said…
It all looks sooo beautiful! I can't believe your bubba is already one. Must have been a bloomin big week.
Ab x
Corrie said…
oh it looks so gorgeous! you did an amazing job! well done!

I can't believe our babies are 1! you were right - we met when we were pregnant and now have these 1 year olds! crazy!

beautiful photos!
Stacia said…
I found your blog via KMB and have really enjoyed reading your party posts, like you I have a cluster of children's parties in September/October and it is party central at our house. Your cakes are lovely and one of them even gave me some inspiration for one I made, so thanks for sharing :)
Lady Muck said…
Hi - this party table is seriously adorable (not to mention the birthday girl), I just want to push all the kids out the way and get stuck in myself :). Well done, looks like it was a great party!

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